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After hundreds of requests, 2019's #1 Hardcore Stim Pre Workout SUPERHUMAN® SUPREME is back... And with a new and improved 2020 formula that's more epic than ever! So what makes the NEW SUPERHUMAN® SUPREME formula so incredible? We went back to the gains lab and somehow created a longer-lasting, more euphoric pre-workout experience thanks to the following improvements: Added 200 mg of the wild Juniper Berry Extract Added 50 mg of AstraGin® for MAXIMUM absorption Why these two X factors? Why not just dump in more stimulants?! Because Juniper Berry Extract increases both the effectiveness AND uptake of stimulants in the body... While at the same time creating a more "euphoric" feeling while working out... So you'll be feeling the effects of Supreme's powerful formula more than ever before + feeling overall happier every time you step foot in the gym! Coupled with the addition of the absorption titan AstraGin®, we've maximized the efficiency of every ingredient in Supreme so you get the most out of EVER