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The concept behind SlimKit for Her was to research and develop a complete weight and fat loss system that a woman wouldn't need to worry about.

Correct dosages of key ingredients were used based on a woman's physiological characteristics (weight, metabolism, hormones, etc.) that would be effective without causing the ill side effects often experienced when using products dosed for men.

Detox for Her – Toxins can build up in the body as a result of many factors. Even healthy activities such as exercising and dieting can lead to toxin accumulation, as each creates their own unique set of demands.

In the process of meeting those demands, things like free radicals, heavy metals, or synthetics can accrue.

While the human body does have the capacity to stay regular and remove these substances, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a little help.

Detox for Her is a full body cleansing matrix designed to be a hired marshals service for your body – to round up all the irritants that shouldn’t be where they are, and get them out of there.

FemmeBurn for Her – A highly-effective and clinically-dosed thermogenic fat burner that is formulated to fit the needs of HER metabolism and biochemistry. FemmeBurn for Her was designed to deliver the greatest thermogenic and fat burning results to a woman’s specific health and fitness goals.

But that’s not all, FemmeBurn for Her can also help to regulate estrogen at the receptor level which will help to alleviate fat in those difficult areas, such as the legs, lower back, and abs!

LipoSlim for Her - We’ve all heard the term “good fats,” but what exactly are they? To put it simply, the good fats are the ones that help to burn the bad fats, which can build up as a result of poor nutrition, lack of appropriate exercise, and other factors.

The best fats are typically only found in very small quantities in food, and that is exactly why LipoSlim for Her has isolated a profile of great fatty acids to vastly improve fat-burning capacity and overall health.

Dieting is truly a complex art. Although with supplements like LipoSlim for Her, they can be drastically simplified. There is no need for a diet to work against anyone, and reducing fat or calorie intake is certainly a valid approach, but without the healthy fats found in Liposlim for Her, getting 6-pack abs becomes a lot more difficult.

With SlimKit you get the best fat burning and health promoting products in the FOR HER series all in one convenient kit. You get the thermogenic metabolic booster LipoSlim for her, the super-potent, fat incinerating thermogenic FemmeBurn for Her, and the full body cleansing and waste removal Detox for Her.

The best part is all three products in the SlimKit are formulated and specifically made FOR HER! These innovative, elite fat burners are clinically dosed and work together in a synergistic effort to help quicken your metabolism, torch fat and detoxify your body!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.