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Man The F%#K Up

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With each passing decade, Americans have been getting weaker and men’s testosterone levels have decreased – for the past 3 generations, son’s testosterone levels are lower than their fathers. Whether the cause be plastics, food supply, or the stress of dealing with Liberal bulls#%t, it doesn’t really matter. The power of America is in its citizens – make yourself greater with Man The F#%K Up Body Recomposition & Hardening Agent.

- KSM-66® Ashwagandha increases testosterone levels and muscle mass while decreasing body fat.*
- Primavie® Shilajit enhances testosterone’s ability to build muscle by increasing free testosterone.*
- Laxopure™ 5α-Laxogenin is a novel brassinosteroid providing huge increases in muscle hypertrophy for a hard, defined look.*
- Phosphatidylcholine improves lipolysis and fat-burning.*
- Bioperine® supports optimal absorption of MTFU’s powerful ingredients.*

Testosterone makes everything better. Use Man The F#%K Up to improve your progress in the g

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