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In our mission to bring you a premium product, Hank’s Protein Plus is always working on something new, either a new product or a new way of making a product. We realize through testing that over the course of time because there are no preservatives in any of our products, oils are going to rise to the top. This happens in all natural nut butter products. The reason for this is that as the actual peanut butter settles, being that the natural oils are a liquid and lighter than the solid, the oils settle on top of the solid. We realize that our toppings are a feature of most of our nut butters however we also notice that in many instances over time the oil is compromising our product. So in our attempt to keep this natural occurrence at a minimum we are going to place our toppings in the middle of the container. Same toppings and in the same amount. It is our attempt to disperse the oils evenly and to keep rising oil at a minimum. It is our attempt to make a great product even greater.

The reason for the difference in taste and consistency of HANKS PROTEIN PLUS spreads is a method that Hank invented. We know that no other peanut butter maker uses it because no other peanut butter maker knows about it.. and it’s this process that makes the difference. Our spreads are made fresh daily.