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New from Alpha Lion, Teacrine is now available as a stand-alone supplement ingredient. Teacrine is derived from Tea Leaves and is structurally similar to caffeine. One benefit Teacrine has over Caffeine is that it doesn't build a tolerance as easily as Caffeine. So the dose you see effects from initially is likely to continue to be the effective dose long term. With regular caffeine you will have to keep upping the dose to see the same initial effect. In addition, Teacrine has a synergistic relationship with caffeine. Therefore combining the two ingredients is likely to give a greater energy effect than taking each stand alone. Alpha Lion Gains Candy Teacrine can also be combined with Alpha Lion Gains Candy Dynamine for great results. These compounds go well together as they are similar in structure but Dynamine is faster acting than Teacrine giving a potent 1-2 punch.


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