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Digestive Nzymes Revolution

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If you diet to meet your health goals, you are very concerned with digestion whether you realize it or not. Even minor disruptions to the digestive process are detrimental to any fitness or wellness goal. Having the support of a digestive enzyme complex like Digestive Nzymes Revolution can be the difference between almost and all the way. Maximizing nutrient absorption and gut function can improve things you may never even have noticed before, such as breathing, vision, and muscle strength. Of course, assisting the gut with supplemental enzymes also decreases the potential for bloating and other GI stressors. Amylase and cellulase work to break down carbohydrates and fiber.* Protease, pepsin, papain, and bromelain improve protein digestion and amino acid uptake.* Lipase and pancreatin hydrolyze fats and minimize GI distress.* Gentian reduces stomach discomfort and enhances natural nutrient absorption.* Whether eating too much, too little, or just all the wrong foods (we’re all guilty sometimes!), Digestive N

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