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Razor cuts fat, not corners! One thing you will never find in any BTN product is cut corners. We always use proven ingredients at clinically effective dosages, we have to, our reputation is based on you getting results. No where is this more true than with our peerless fat burner, Razor. Now, we are going to let you in on a little industry secret... Most brands will load their fat burners with inexpensive, but strong stimulants. They do this while skimping on the real fat burning compounds. Why would they do this? because the ingredients that have been clinically proven to burn fat are not cheap! See, they know that as long as you feel "lit up" you will think the product works. It doesn't matter that they didn't include any legit fat burning ingredients, they were able to make the product for only a few bucks and "sell a feel" rather than fat loss. Not at BTN. We formulated Razor to burn fat, period. Now, that doesn't mean we didn't make Razor strong AF on the energy side, we most certainl

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